As I love to be in sink with my LOCAL environment due to keeping on DIALOGUE with people surrounding me and abusing by the laws concerning me I am still allowed to use my #tech to keep on contributing to an #Earth dialogue.

As wearer of green eyes by my mums bloodline and from an ancient noble family (weapon red fox) from my father’s side my blood was checked 199706 as part of treatment by the Dutch state. I REMEMBER WHILE BEING TORTURED I COULDNT BELIEVE THE POLICE KNEW ABOUT THE ISOLATING DESTRUCTION SYSTEM. In the Eindhoven clinic there is a remembrance art work for people not surviving this medieval #brain #health testing system.

In actual times Eindhoven is the #brainport where I am educated, both Technische Hogeschool Eindhoven for 2 years as Fontys Eindhoven for 5 years. After that I moved to area Amsterdam (above the Dutch rivers) to complete my education with studying Technical Electronic Data Processing Audit at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam for 3 years with a follow up as a corrector of the Vrije Universiteit for the lessons Administratieve Organisatie for 9 years till this function stopped in 2003. I worked as an auditor both qualified RE as CISA which I couldnt serve anymore in 2001 due to torturing schedules.

As auditor I entered psychiatry 19970621 and started working for procedures to support the psychiater cause after being taken my bloodlines I found a better way to support these suicidal firefighters. I HANDED THESE OVER INCLUDING A LAWFUL JURIDICAL PROTEST BY THE LOCAL PSYCHIATRIC CLINIC RULES but ended up in the system anyway. THE ROLE OF THE PSYCHIATER CALLING THE COURT 199708 STILL NOT CLEAR TO ME.

Anyway living Utrecht still since 19951208 in Dialogue with my environment I gonna talk tomorrow Utrecht time about law abiding DIALOGUE based on no #lies and yes still experienced #competence. This In relation to #crisiskaart as a support for people like me to talk to the police. We gonna review the usefulness or not of this paper document I carry in my portemeniks.

Besides this system there is a strange connection with people like me in relation to #TAX. As part of waste management of the bodies the #tax is done mostly one way or another by the state or services paid by the state.

The removal of noble bloodlines by the master of the house was functioning well untill a car crashed the needle in Apeldoorn on kingsday some 10 years ago. A cry for help.

As I abide by all laws In DIALOGUE with people connected to me I solved the multiethnic multireligious problem of the Dutch King differently, by EARTH DIALOGUE using the Internet while not touching the connected #law system of #IBS, #RM and #TBS Servicing the still suicide figherfighting psychiatrist, still medieval systems use since 19970621. ONLY NOW DIGITAL ADMINISTRATION.

In this digital administration I am free to move around based on recently agreed VOORWAARDELIJKE RM and I stick to DIALOGUE WITH ALTRECHT using all procedures given possible.

So after evaluating the #crisiskaart paper on MONDAY I follow my road of LOCAL FREEDOM for my bloodline by a meeting scheduled at Altrecht WEDNESDAY 20190501. That day I switch from wifi only to Tmobile services cause I have left VODAFONE UK services as part of BREXIT with regard to my GERMAN website services.

I don’t see any problem to serve the #European Parliament in Belgium so far I am a real Dutch. So I planned to vote for #EP19 on 20190523.

But technically to survive the attacks made in my life several times by the destruction system I choosed another MASTER OF THE HOUSE, while doing the #TAX for my mum (as being her social support in life, aged 83). I KNOW THIS TAX BY 0,01 EURO. WE BOTH PAY OUR TAXES, ONLY MY TAX IS DONE BY SERVICES OF THE STATE YET.

Gladly mum insured our famy well, I love to follow the VIVAT story with some curiosity from an educated survivor, region ?? In the Netherlands

So tomorrow, again a DIALOGUE moment with people surrounding me.

AND #earth, I love to serve by demographics with a better educated master of the house than our king. A survivor as well. So far green eyes, region south of the Dutch king.

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