Chamomile flower

As the soul of Indonesians chamomile flower awakes me to audit my use of skills to be prolonged for society longer than EASTERN days, I found out I have to call my financial receiver thursday while meeting with my @crisiskaart team at my homeadress bouwstraat 30bis.

The question is when is gonna this location to be a museum. We prolonged lifesentence from GOOD FRIDAY till next Thursday.

As the Dutch financial world is still governed by emailadresses (my x400 akzo Nobel project dated 1996) I think there can be a rising climatechange with regard to #poverty in relation to #earth

In that case my @KPMG payments should be used for visiting @KPMG buildings again instead of only @altrecht buildings. No problem with DIALOGUE with my @altrecht TEAM for the next few years

The problem lies in the audittrail of 0031206567058 since 199701 and the possibility to use CREDITCARDS, initially for an event or recurring for streaming #techservices, eg the invention of PAYPAL BY THE @ELONMUSK TEAM

Love the reality @awareness worldwide of the question of #tech to be solved with regard to #climatechange including working climate.

As a psychiatric patient I offered to get my head off for @umcu hersencentrum as part of my #testamenteurexecutair procedure. The only official moment not yet in this complete procedure is visiting a dedicated law officer (order van notarissen).

As I would love to keep my head functioning as an auditor for 5 years (WITH REGARD TO A DECENT TIER1 *.NL) to rinse like a camomilleflower both corruption from the inside and outside I look forward to the results of my digital world in relation to my REAL world.

The balancing is a daily quest I love, an Indonesian soul guiding me. I hope to leave the world peacefully.


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