Challenge accepted

As I love my body cardio from #withings, and I simply like to explore my body, mind & soul it is a challenge to find out if I can become YIN to the max, what the relation is with BMI, BELLY FAT & WAIST%. So I created a new user for me as militair called YIN.

The goals I realized in 200101 are not allowed by the #withings measurements. So I take it gradually, have to talk with my scheduled crisisteam Thursday cause muscle tension (cisordinol) should be reduced faster than the planned years accordingly.

As I live #smartluxury I hope I get measurements support to the max, eg the length and development of the spine. Last scientifically measured when I was part of the national aerobic team training @vangentsportacademie

I am like you curious and will use my Samsung note 8 & gear sport 3 to the max

I created the following measurements :-)) values

  1. Water
  2. Fat
  3. Belly CM
  5. waist % (taille/length)
  6. Upper arm width CM
  7. Upper thigh width CM
  8. STEPS
  11. pulse measurements

Hope @drogozin I can contribute to #science to the max until my last #breath/connection,

I love @ziggo, @kpn, WIFI locally

So far my update @minpres #cz

Go to talk with my @altrecht team cause I appreciate DIALOGUE including the one with the inner self always

Utrecht time, 1 PM I am expected walking distance,

Gotta hurry ;-))

We’ll see

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