Good friday in relation to payday

Dear world, as we all saw our Notre Dame problem I decided to turn to military mode.

Practical result, use HospitalBUILDINGS to the max #please @randstad manage #congestion

Money has to Role,

My first actions, I dont take time to massage with precious ayurvedic oil my church member cause I have simply no time. Yes someTIMES #need for speed therefore a blog @elonmusk ;-))

I decided as chief commander connection between the Kremlin (law) & the whitehouse (tax) inbetween bloomberg email and shifts to keep my REMBRANDT NIGHSHIFT

To prevent exhaustion I decided to stop by Altrecht. Teamwork resulting in heads to Role, contacten @umcu by email and my psychiatrist to support to the max.

Result to prevent exhaustion, I wanna have sleeping pils and a location outside my Home @altrecht during the afternoon to give maximum hard hart during nightshift as long

as necessary

My worry date is 20190423, the City gives safety at GOODfriday as far as I know

Love teamwork with my mum but as all Dutch know second eastern day is a discussion since long @koninklijkhuis

Try to Get #bigdata. Now expecting #military instant work for #action,

Thx, your global chief commander

Antoniesworld Added a specialism

Thx @realDonaldTrump, Vladimir vladimirovitsj

I really love the efficiency of tech/finance in relation to integer auditrail

Will follow as usual, especially copper commodities ;-)) with love for #earth

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