Grey matters

Grey matters

Since 1997 i had to learn to think of mind management. So I started exploring eastern habits and science. I did a practical exam in Ayurveda at Jade and helped the moisture out of my mums arm so she could use it again. Massage techniques and oils were essence. Further some important meridians and of course Qi.

I didn’t follow up the education when it switched to Qing bai cause mind matters got in the way. But my interest was there. So I started learning about the 5 elements and created practical routines for myself. I live milestones with TAO flow in between. I gonna fulfill this way of living by studying more neurofilosofy at Vrije Academie.

I learned Shamballa meditating from Dana Marshall at Yogamoves with as result that I have breathing skills for myself. Living every second in the moment, highly but calm awareness and thought management to play with if not threatened by psychiatrists again.

Lately I labeled thoughts in relation to input time by the senses. Like blockchaining I try to manage my mind yet. Meditating, pure luxury. I joined a yoga moves class again for some time to create more time for this. In the hope to manage my mind even better, especially the switch between the different kinds of use from the mind. I want fluent switches, reduction of time in between extreme switches.

When it comes to mind management I need other awareness skills for studying than for internet browsing. So this January I go back to a studying schedule, at Volksuniversiteit learning a new language, the Russian one. That differs from the west cause for every activity you can choose out of 2 verbs, the asking one or the advising one. I love to study and my mind becomes after some leisure time in holidays adapted again to dream about Russian language experiences.

Further for my mind management I use a lot of core muscles which I practice by different professional teachers for Pilates at de workout club. The core, the battery of the body for its energy. The way to keep Being balanced in my mind, in a simple way, by keeping my promises in my weekly schedule. Pilates is focused on stretching the length of the spine and therefore creates a clear mind.

And last but not least I love the hip and chest openers of yin yoga to support an open and loving mind. I know and learned about closed, feared minds at Markieza. Collateral damage of psychiatry I treat with stretching and contracting my grey matters. Sometimes I use chemicals for this.

Relaxation meditation I use for my ptss at the moment after being locked up last two Januaries just by tales the Psychiater told the judge. It releases a lot of water memory/tension of my muscles on the right side of the body while breathing through the left nostril (vipasana).

So far so good. Busy with appointments I make for myself and follow up with discipline to train my mind for a lovin attitude with respect, patience and awareness for my loved ones. If not disturbed again this January.

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