One way ticket

Contraction. In the most important month of financial consolidation, after the most important month of logistics to meet loved ones, it becomes clear that flesh and blood survives the technological loneliness of meetings with your smart phone.

Probably in the most important robotic area, China, the first robot streets become jobless. How to handle these virtual workers? Desolate capex. And while companies like Google are still on a robotic growth track, when Will become the first #ml robot jobless. When Will the first #ai designed project become jobless? Due to too much global competition?

In The Netherlands iT is not the #ai robot that struggles first. Or iT is the one that needs to plan hands and feest of flesh and blood to switch energy resources in relation to climate change plans.

Plans. Like the first of January. Most people have Good intentions. Plans. Solely designed one way tickets for 2019. All those tickets in a collaborate global smart phone planning for the world. Eg trumps wall.

January. Most plans of young people related to #health. Not only preventing more obese bodies but also contraction to family values. As a residu from december. As usual. Teens and their parents. Mid ages and their younger competitors. Grand parents and grand children. Company and contact. The role of the smartphone and smart watch on its height.

December in Mind. Logistics for delivery of post and packages. Peak performance of logistics. And now contraction. Financial results. Global indication of growth possibilities. Maybe the evaluation that your mind abilities can be replaced by robots and you could have better learned a job for hands and feet’s to serve your wallet in today’s economy.

The end of a height live bitcoin mania a year ago. The end of a height like #ibm value. #amazine surviving thanks to #aws the tech decline of last half year with the max in December. Tech. Needs evaluation.

What about a robot next year at your diner table to serve the turkey? #challenge or not? Certainly not yet a positive comment on your kitchen results. Or a clear programmed one.

Anyway. To look forward to your next December…what are your plans. How many flesh and blood did you like and would you like? What about finance? Your body? Your senses? Your plans…probably you like me hit the height of individuality this year. Planning with your smart phone. With collaborative results for the economy. And logistics… the peat fire of the yellow vests still going on probably wants one thing next December… food for flesh and blood instead of a robot as a table guest.

Wish you all a happy 2019 full of love for flesh and blood.

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