Swap (x,y) from global centralizing drought to local circular water

Technology is a never ending challenge for humankind. But effective instead of efficient technology needs governing. Governing to put limits on centralizing money, developing the migration to smart cities and reduce poverty while reviving rural agriculture as a business to take more care for than efficient robots replacing our muscles.

What we need are educated governments talking how to spend technology brain craft wise (both flesh and blood as digitized). Governments who balance with confidence, cause they understand their local challenges due to the balance of drought and water available. And governments who are wise enough to balance their local/global balance to reduce poverty while preventing more drought.

Yes, why not use competitions more? Competitions as an olympics for Robots. Cause that’s what robots are about. Playing and if we reduce the #ai risks that they are going to play with humans like humans play with mouse in chemical labs than we should limit the amount of human brains we waste on these projects.

What does it bring in the end? Drought on #earth with so much global warming that only the poles give still agricultural challenges. And then I don’t mean a vault to store genetic seeds to revive earth (or an exoplanet) after global emergency.

As a woman I would love to limit those adrenaline speed games (https://mobile.twitter.com/Antonie19031966/status/1069878836081385472) with lots of excitement what to combat by using swords…. not to mention to reduce the growth of logistics supply our brains with chemical #speed… as a new trade? To centralize money? To the most smart people on this earth?

Cause that’s what the gig economy is about. Supplying the disabled growth and focusing on the smartest users of technology and adverbs. Technology supporting technology. Human brains for sale. And governments? They are probably taking care for the leftovers at the moment.

Needed…some laws to limit the leftovers by taxing the way brains and technology should be used. Men’s game… wars … in the Sea of Azov? Better cooperate on adapting laws to centralizing money other than defense stuff. Yes, that’s what the fuzz about INF TREATY is about from a woman’s point of view.

Woman game I like should be using more cheap computers (arduino, raspberry pi) localized by a satellite system and related to a temperature and moist controller to nurture earth for food growth.

Local population taking care for it. Not mass like wheat but small local growing food. Like the diverse kitchen of France or Italy needs. Food all people love. Veggies and fruit. https://antoniesworld.com/blood-and-food-enzymes-temperature-intake/

Technology used to measure local our health and relate to it. Not the efficiency of mass wheat that perforate your intestine more than the omega3 of flaxseeds to stimulate brain enough to use muscles again.

And robot, yes, we can use them like in a @elonmusk gigafactory or the @jeffbezos moon games. Cause there we can indeed centralize drought and money to an extent that doesn’t hurt human kind on #earth like lots of men are doing right now.

If technology is a men’s game? Then men, please think about how many drought do you add to the #earth and why? Probably to centralize money, but hey money and bricks are something you can’t eat. No matter how many smart cities you develop. Just think of that.

Wish you all a lovely day.

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