Sugar babe

Since ancient times people transfer stories about survival. In rural areas there used to be a lot of local knowledge about healthy food to gain strength in case of sickness. Stories told from one generation upon another, sometimes documented to educate. Scattered over our global world, lots of ancient knowledge is available. Knowledge from times before we had something like a refrigerator to keep products from the sugar industry cool.

The sugar industry. Mighty trade. Western trade. Where the use of herbs and spices is more Eastern from origins if I take an European viewpoint. And the roots of fermentation as a technique more central Asian. Ancient civilizations gave us lots of health related food knowledge. To survive the seasons and climates.

I would love it if this knowledge will be recovered. From old people, who knew how to deal with sickness using oral intake, sometimes special prepared food. Knowledge that supports a body to heal itself to the max. To generate energy to survive. And yes, I love my fridge. But I really don’t like the harmful influence of the western oriented sugar industry on my body.

I can only hope that western oriented technology will be used in rural areas of Eurasia to gather the last health knowledge before the western food, fertilizer and medicines disturbs these ancient, mostly not documented, stories. Stories how to survive in their local climate. From north to south, from east to west. Food related knowledge.

Focus on health. And yes, technology to measure health (eg a smartwatch) of people and then relate local food to health effectiveness. And If we get big data to analyze all humans I think we all will conclude that the refrigerator storing sugar industry products isn’t really the best health improvement ever invented by human kind.

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