#UX related #pharmacy

A year ago I visited a global healthcare & technology conference in Kensington, London. I developed the Qi diamond model as a preparation. Coming home from this conference I knew one thing for sure. Technology needs standardization and healthcare needs personalisation. So I kept my mind busy with these two differences in approach and kept sharing knowledge.


As for the technological standardization I think there should be output classes for:

  1. WiFi/Coax related (data)connection to current (eg #IoT like lamps, music, thermostats and other apparatus)
  2.  (3D)-print and 
  3.  screen separately.

While an operating system (at this time different per provider) can be feeded by:

  1.  environment (eg climate measurement, cyberconnection in relation to location), 
  2.  touch (eg screen, buttons, )
  3.  robotic eyes (eg camera),  
  4.  voice (eg microfone) and 
  5.  smell (eg fire or CO alarm). 

The operating system itself should be feeded by standard smart rechargeable battery access. While its procedures should be #ml layered from

  1. initial and
  2. recurrent/recognizing initial.

Big challenge is who is gonna globally standardize the electricity and related batteries? Something not finished in energy talks by an important break like WWII.


For the healthcare part I struggle in my environment with medieval system of blood control based on chemical levels in general. Where there is more and more knowledge about the relation with food and movement. I would love to explore more but the needed ECG function of the Apple Watch is not available to me as a Dutch civilian. So, I can not learn in my region from my life myself. Personalisation with regard to healthcare in the Netherlands, not yet.

But in the World there are more and more disruptive #ux technologies with regard to #healthcare. In between the person and the hospital stands an important role for medication. So the pharmacy middle layer (I remember the december 2017 USA deal after the London conference) can Be automated with regard to civilian need for medicins, supplements or other hormone influencing intakes to be digested, think of herbs, superfoods and other home made #health food. Pharmacies should Be broadened to #health related products. Not only industrial made medicines, although In Russia a modern digital middle layer will start from here also. 

In the end it is the patient who will go along with the existing healthcare, if not near than far. (Western) Governments will be pressured to guarantee healthcare for decent prices. Pharmacy layers instead of hospitals should be the solution. Technology to realize an #ux focused layer are trendy and sustainable I think. Especially when #health is measured globally (e.g. By Apple Watch) differences in regions will be highlighted.

And borders? They only will exist for paying tax. Cause the traveling patient can choose worldwide from digitized pharmacy knowledge with his mobile #IoT. I can only dream of #ux and personal energy related #healthcare advice from my assurance in relation to the geographical value of assets like a house near the most valuable caring institution.

Will it be a hospital taking blood, stool and breath samples? Will it ask for standardized #IoT connection with my personal #health measuring devices including my logging from my personal technical home assistant caring for me? 

I remember having such a world in mind when I planned my world trip from Montreal Canada in 2000. My trip was disrupted by collective Dutch ‘care’. But now the time seems ripe to talk about it in non virtual chats with my healthcare providers. Will I be isolated for that again because I speak about a tale that nobody understands as reality (and therefore should be treated as a long running psychose)? Time will tell. 

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