Automated focus highlights identity

Automation after a while highlights blind spots of the developers identity. Eg in The Netherlands we care for money and automation is centralized with the focus on low costs no matter what. That a whole region (flevoland) will be deprived from healthcare specialists because the mayor can not afford these services for their civilians, so what. Automated rules rule. Next? Pricing of this living environment lowered due to bad healthcare services. A negative spiral in social added value. 

Mortgage. Another example of generic automated rules ruling authority. You expect tailor made finance? Not yet. 

These examples and more to follow (eg automated education asking for persistent and energetic teachers to dumbly repeat administrative management information) highlight the new economical challenges. Big questions how to come to a circular economy with social added value. 

I think the focus should be not on minimum of costs, nor on minimum of energy but on minimum of waste to serve generic a global society. Your social footprint should be delivering mind and muscle energy to add maximum social added value to a living environment. To minimize your waste and to be as energetic as possible to contribute to society. 

Living environments. Preferably local oriented. First big social devaluation problem arises in flevoland. Let’s solve it by attracting energetic people who minimize waste. A challenge for the mayor. And yes, a big one in economic sense. Cause flevoland is the waste pit for our national blind spot when it comes to waste as a focus on minimum of costs.

Reprogramming is the question. First the machines where I assume people will follow. So, who is gonna pay those needed programmers? I hope the Dutch tax payers will do and the government supports.

If not, our population is deemed to follow an automated spiral on devaluation of social capital. Not the money will be wasted. But the people will be written off. With the efficiency you may expect from dumb processing automated machines. Who cares? I do!

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