Searching, searching

When google started in the 90’s I was one of the first followers. Alarmed by a friend who noticed the birth I used it for searching. I designed my diamond model with it for the audit company I was working for. I kept on searching, searching and searching.

Concentrating my eyes on the screen, hardly blinking and hardly giving my mind a time to rest. I overworked. But the diamond model (see my website pages) was designed. Headaches part of the design process. A new era had begun. The digital one. 

Now more than 20 years later I redesigned the diamond model for several purposes. Not only based on audit as a social profession. Also centralizing on the human. I am working on it still cause one thing became clear to me last 20 years, when it’s in the mind it’s there. When it’s not, not.

Searching and gadgets used to search give a lot of distraction. Distraction isn’t the best way to book results i the long term. So part of digital hygiene should be triggering and training something I call my acceptance muscle. Accept that it’s not time for distraction but for mental obligation to do different tasks than just playing with the gadgets. Eg I am now studying Russian and of course still following my Pilates lessons. Further I try to pay attention to people in the non virtual world. If possible people to join a collective mindset. Eg religion. 

If I can’t resist the distraction (disruptive technology gadgets) I need to meditate. Meditation to belly breath. Releasing the haste from shallow breaths into the relaxation in time to do my belly breaths. Taking time. Slowing down. End of staring to disruptive gadgets. Giving the mind a rest. Heartbeat down from 80 in the direction of 40. 

Belly breaths and meditation are also a way to reduce fear. Fear from being disturbed again by people who don’t like my creative mindsets. Beside the acceptance muscle I take regularly  time to be creative. Creative in thinking. Not in doing. Creative to write a blog or design a website tile. Unloading my mind using oh so distracting gadgets. Working and focusing on text to share. Share with likeminded people. Output making instead of searching searching searching and copying input. 

And by doing so, copy from search input in creative outputs to paste I use gadgets to manage the social media designed to share this copy paste process. Hereby my blog on disruptive searching searching searching that leaded last 20 years in more and more creative output sharing.

Digital became an economy. Knowledge, experience and data (eg documented contact data) a challenge for working hours. And yes, the big challenge is to compete with the distraction muscle and train the acceptance muscle. I wonder how this is related to aging. 

Anyway enjoy life balancing distraction and acceptance muscles to give meaningful output to share. Output to gain new contacts in an all over growth hacking economy. A new base generated by every input contact in the digital domain. For future valuable outputs. The way the economy grows. Value.

No matter the financial downturn of the moment. The digital data space grows exponentially, for distraction and acceptance. All up to anyone’s discipline in balancing those muscles. Virtual versus non virtual. 

I myself learned to balance my mind In The most extreme (non) virtual situations. Still a challenge. Take care to reflect non virtual when you become aware that most of your time is only virtual distraction. Slow down. Be a companion to share by training your acceptance muscle. Love yourself balancing in a digital world. While enjoying the growth hacking abilities of modern times. 

Wish you lots of success reflecting on your distraction by gadgets while learning to bring up discipline to train your acceptance muscle. Acceptance for collective goals for example. Balancing is a way of life. Between individual digital and non virtual collective. Do you master? 

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