Q4 & #AI

The first results of global communication software is that like minded people get connected. And if those people don’t watch their peace in their local non virtual environments, it is possible that they isolate while getting hasty virtual infected minds. No use of muscle activities in their local neighborhood, no connection to their different thinking neighbors. Just lots of virtual #needforspeed communications.

In a business environment these people (#millenials??) don’t connect to the business environment to produce. The hasty, creative minds need grounding and commitment to contribute to something that is not only a project but a sustainable (from boring history) process, mostly automated. Commitment asks for trusted communication, dialogue, peaceful connection with both virtual and non virtual resources. It asks for grounding instead of continuously change of minds. 

In a process industry the automation is easy, input, recipe to output all organized. But where communication automation is more human oriented, the process is changing. And in all the intermediate gray communication areas the process is searching using #ml, #ai and #bigdata investments. These virtual investments, lots of them last two years, ask for Q4 explanations, the year end financial results to explain. Musk isn’t the only one having a burden here. 

What is the result? A needed flexibility to address the hast creative #needforspeed customers in a not preprogrammed interaction? This leads to asking for commands by the customer and therefore to an interaction that programs the mind of the customer (by letting him/her learn commands) by an #ml searching input process. Sure you don’t attract a rich customer that is non virtual anymore. Waste? Of money then? Where should these people go? 

What you do attract (e.g. Amazon) are the future generations that invest because of the kinky way to keep dialogue. These generations need to establish base. They do, by searching likeminded dialogues. By learning (English related) commands to communicate. And the business world is changing, changing in a simplicity direction of lots of little clusters of likeminded people. Some marketing budgets to support their #seo or create their atmosphere (e.g. Nike with slogan around Keapernick COMMITMENT). 

Nike’s marketing department (and lots of marketeers) sure had a busy time. With all the fuzz as a reaction to this new #seo direction. But where does the business go? In the direction of a Nike slogan? For all? 

I think the world has a big non virtual challenge to reduce virtual. Both for the energy spending (all #IoT needs electricity) as well as to keep up the language of dialogue with more environment that fits commands by slogans based on sole commitments. Commitments that ask for averse identities. That ask for like minded only.  

I think we need commitments to use muscles. Sporting to balance virtual worlds. Stepcounters to get agile bodies instead of #agile communication that can be produced by a simple robot. I think we should care for diversity in our contact instead of in our communication only. Maybe that’s the only sustainable way ahead to keep humankind in contact with all its diversity in creatures on #earth. 

And with this commitment the Apple watch was made I think. But I wonder, where is the global business that supports the indications if you are still able to keep contact with your non virtual, not like minded, not #needforspeed environment?? 

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