Doing the groceries

When I was travelling Canada in autumn 2000 I was in Vancouver in a guesthouse of very rich Taiwanese people. I loved my time spending there, typed my economic report for Russia in the library of Vancouver and loved running near the salmon river uphill behind the guest house. One day they took me on a trip to a Marine Reserve nearby.

While enjoying the beauty of the nature overthere the man told me he could build a house anywhere, also near there. The first think I asked, where are you gonna put the groceries store? He smiled, and we went on discussion. In the end it always comes down on the grocery store.

Right now I still Love to catch the news each day. From the groceries stores that needs import and selling in Ireland (customs question of Brexit) to the detailed paper reality of moving Unilever to Rotterdam (a big grocery supplier). These European grocery store components are important. Important on how to bill in the end the customer. Paying VAT and maybe other taxes. Whole supply chains need to be standardized, if possible digital. Lots of (small) businesses needs to be acquainted with customs rules (still to be defined) to supply also the grocery stores.

Standardization of logistic supply chains for basic goods. What is needed is a universal standard way of exchanging both the information of the quantity and quality of the goods as well as the price, the (customs) clearing and the invoice for relevant taxes. Pfff different for every region right now. I know some big clearing examples. Like OBOR or Amazon. In the Netherlands unification is an important theme in #fintech too. And what to do with the rules on returning goods? With quality control? Big questions, especially for a multicultural multi religious region like Europe. Still struggling with sovereignty (customs and taxes) in the Balkan area.

Anyway, I like to focus on practical solutions for this. The real Brexit question I think. Troubled by lots of other news, old news actual at once these days. Why? Conceiving uncertainty that mankind has big questions with grocery stores when combining or defragmenting customs areas? 

If the problems wanna be solved, please focus on globalization. Universal questions. If a sovereignty needs to be selected to let the combined world work on a solution think of Syria, where the whole world is gathered already. I think when a solution is found, people over there would love to get their groceries nearby, in the grocery store ;-)) 

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