Silicon Valley Fairy Tales

Today I went to Amac Utrecht to evaluate Apples last steps and buy new stuff. First the watch. Unfortunately, only a few dedicated by phone app applications can be installed. Not even my Twitter. Websites can’t be addressed. So nothing to manage Antoniesworld by watch. A pity.

Further the health measurements are restricted in the Netherlands. The ECG functions not allowed. Nothing to learn about body/mind connection by measurements of the watch. So, my watch plan driven by the vision of Tim Cook motion sense is a fairy tale in the Netherlands reality. No watch.

Next. The iPad Pro. Right now I use an iPad Air with IOS 10.3.3 to save the battery. No split screen. Can update. Still thinking of it, while looking around and see that Apple and its growthacking tech devices seem to become a fairy tale. The USB c solution still not viable, for a while also a fairy tale. Am I gonna spend my money on a new IPad? Just to follow the IOS12 developments? My iMessage frustration introduced by it gone?

Evaluating my phone from last year. An iPhone 7+. Bought it because of battery and camera. Camera I love. But when I really use it, battery gives friction. With IOS12 loaded I need a big power bank to get through the day. So far the Apple fairy tale of last year. And thinking of a new IPhone just out of battery frustration, Apple please forget.

Apple thrives by the touch abilities. The smooth reaction of the screen and keys on touch. In comparison my Samsung note 8 trains my acceptance muscle to the max. Pff, patience to get on the slow screen interaction the results I request. But the battery I love. My Samsung note has a far better battery than my IPhone 7+. And my Samsung Gear sports 3 wins from the Apple Watch by 3 days! Having an integrated Google calendar running on it.

I remember my music lock in. After putting 65GB on an iPod Classic I can now pay for Apple Music. Switch forced by Apple since IOS 8.3

Concluding. Apple lost my trust. I gonna evaluate till January. Won’t spend on my machine park till then. Will I stay with Apple then I hope I don’t buy fairy tales. Real Dutch value I need. I gonna explore more from the Samsung possibilities. Integrate email and twitter on it. Apple, so sorry. Asa real Dutch, expensive fairy tales I don’t spend money on.

And my iCloud investments of last year, will think about it too with European #gdpr in the back of my mind. Cause in the end, it are pictures from me, taken by me, edited by me using machines bought by me. Thats different from the Music lock in. Pictures are more than just copy, paste time. They identify me, a Dutch civilian following tech balancing progress by my government in the real world.

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