All virtual lead to deaths

I remember my psychiatrist Monday stating that I didn’t have any cisordinol 10 mg anymore. Her computer said so. But I know (forced) both the working and the disturbing of my cisordinol for over 20 years and I know better to handle this medication with regard to my environment than the psychiatrist thinks she knows out of a short conversation and some books and supplier information. I have lots, enough to kill myself several times.

I advised her 10 mg cisordinol (I am educated as an ervaringsdeskundige too) to find out if she can summarize more the details I mentioned to her instead of broadcasting and exporting her mindsets onto others. Maybe find out it helps listening and analyzing others mindsets. She defended immediately and didn’t wanna explore (eg listen).

Monday I found out my psychiatrist focuses on emotion in communication (don’t they have other schools for that?) and that what her profession’ is with regard to select some chemicals. She follows a 3 step approach I found out, hereby.


Further she is a manager of people. The pictures of the organization she is handling is all navel gazing. In the organogram in her room it was all about the procedures and how to organize work to be as destructive as possible. People (coming by payed by the government in the Netherlands by law, so always work enough, who cares marketing?) with their own interests weren’t in the picture. The interests of the people are hardly known and don’t matter. Probably because of any presumption mad people don’t have interests?

In the end the psychiatrist (and equal peers) follow their automated environment to isolate and destruct people. Congrats! Nice job! Hereby my advised marketing slogan, we first stigmatize, then isolate and last but not least we chemical castrate. Anyone?


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