Start of today, a hidden page hereby

To accomodate the most important players in the world in this blog a link to my mother tongue area idea in the open. It is about how to govern #earth using blockchain technology based on a time wallet instead of a coin wallet. I thought this through and it is possible using a phone number for the civilian entity in the actual cloud possibilities as a start.

If we can focus all #IoT developments, we can realize effectiveness and reduce inefficiency. That’s fine for less global warming cause we don’t need an explosive growth of #IoT devices then anymore.

My written procedure how to use a time wallet blockchain came after the development of my last diamond model with ‘Law’ instead of ‘Qi’ in the central. Working on that model by texting too, see diamond page. Two models already there, only the picture of the heart of the second model I am dependent on my business partner of dynamic applications. Filling the second model, my job, the next step,

Wish you lots of focus this week, Enjoy life, it’s short. Hereby the page with the written procedure to join the world using technology 🙂

Blockchain global govern focus

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