New growth hack, wearables & trust

After the release of Apple watch last week I started to think about using it. I would have loved it for my mum of 83. Due to some medicines she fell three times last year. Now the doctor is trying other medication. So I was thinking of the watch for measurements. We went to Amac, den Bosch. To talk about it.

Unfortunately the cellulair watch isn’t available in the Netherlands. So she needs a phone to carry too. 83 with such newest gadgets. No way, I don’t want her to get lynched by some criminal youngsters looking for easy gadgets. So, mums plans, so sorry Apple, not viable.

Next thinking, exploring it for myself. I wear 3 watches already I decided to add the 4th. The new Apple watch to explore. Nothing detailed available. The website is the only source of information. Only virtual technical world yet. As a real nerd i don’t object this.

I was curious what the chip offers under the hood. No details. Specifics, not much. So Apple asks me for a lot of trust in the brand. In their development trail going heartbeats. 

As I am a satisfied Apple user and followed the company in all its growthacks by analysis of the operating systems I find, like the time of the Iphone4, it is time to step in on the watch. The movements seems measured. And as I have my own knowledge between muscle/mind coordination I would love to explore it. So mum gave me the watch for fun. I can order it at Amac, Utrecht.

I gonna explore to connect the watch also to control Antoniesworld related apps like WordPress, Tweetmap, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Crowdfire. Gonna use to book enough appointments to explore digital the technological edges of Apple business control possibilities. Again gonna tweet about it. Apple IOS12 here I come.

And last but not least, by developing several diamond models I gonna put this watch central in descriptions of related procedures. Writing easy procedures using tech in complex situations, my cup of tea. Practiced it at university level (VU Amsterdam) for 9 years as a corrector after being certified myself ;-))

So, yes, Apple gets my practical trust to find out what wearables we have. Maybe in the far future only two watches, my Omega constellation and the latest Apple. We’ll see.

#health, exciting…while updating by the way my Steel HR of Nokia that’s unfortunately gonna focus apps too. The Samsung way by Nokia. So far my practical Nokia step counter and sleep measurements only needed to load once in 3 weeks….and my Samsung Gear sports 3 related to my Samsung Notes 8 synchronizing my Google agenda appointments…couldn’t integrate with Apple until now. Better battery (loading every 3 days) but I think gonna loose due to #health related interests of me. It has nice finger analysis on the back of note 8 but more than a brief relation to my breath it itsn’t yet. Too much input the Samsung needs, more like an integration with drinks (coffee, water) is not there yet. But I will keep it in maintenance.

As I have developed already from #governing to #law to #Qi to #Technology Diamond models I am interested in the integration, measurements, who knows if possible?? using the Apple Watch developments. We’ll see.. indeed., we’ll see….and what I love the most? The Glonass possibilities :-)) Why? because of the practical #Ratnik experiences…

Apple take care, seems not your iPhone but your watch gonna be a world winner….here me as a security and a telecom specialist interested. You got me, auditing and exploring it. You’re welcome


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