Still dialogue, not catatonia yet

Last 20 years the on me forced agenda of psychiatrists (supported by their lawyers) leaded to a dialogue which never was silent. In the meantime, since day one, I explored their governing environment. And I found within one week that they where pyromanic firefighters with regard to suicide. I developed within my first week at Vollenhove, where I came in June 21th 1997, a business model to focus on  i amount of suicides to analyze. Immediately they started torturing me and I addressed the Patientenvertrouwenspersoon to sue.  She advised me a second opinion and I got one here. He helped me and said I was maybe narcistic and should watch that. Further he gave another diagnose and much fewer medication prescriptions.

The lawsuit came using strange procedures, while still being tortured and the second opinion underway. RM. The psychiatrist studying who joined me to defend me wasn’t heard and Vollenhove was on the telephone line advising the judges….RM. FREEDOM TAKEN, so to me it was clear I had a new working ‘business environment’ I should thoroughly explore. I did. I advice them the slogan ‘destruction and isolation’ cause that’s what they do, nothing to do with healthcare at all. Their laws (in the mean time systematically automated) in their hands.

My last lawyer (it is repeated more than once :-)) ) had a notebook with the automated decision blocks of the law programmed with her. We stated in the lawsuit that we were powerless against the system with my story cause we can not give the belief of the value of it. I asked to look at my digital environments, they don’t (not their programmed environment yet). I mentioned a world leader I trusted and had a snap like conversation with, the Judge replied suggested another world leader. That was the lawsuit. The convict, a year RM and tortured with injections until my intestine doesn’t function anymore, my muscles stiffened and my mind blown out cause there is nothing like any psychose in there.

So, my torture of last 20 years hasn’t stopped yet. Monday forced to go by the agenda of the psychiatrist, have to listen again to hear her delusions and have to act to that because she has with her hypothetical theories of DSM5 the law in her hand. Remember, she says she is the sane one. So far #health.

Enjoy your weekend too, remember life is short :-)) and suffering gives beauty :-))

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