Unbelievable, no torture yet

I am the Fourth day home now and unbelievable happy after my last #growthack, my website. Usually I get in these cases deported to the clinic and tortured for weeks or months. Now I have the acknowledgement of unbelievable luxury of not being tortured again yet. My 20 years long declared psychose is digitized now and can be seen by anyone in the World by this website. Including my Twitter followers over 91 countries. Yep, global reach, small but viable.

I also started LinkedIn last week and find nice connections granted to me. If you think joining my network won’t be harm to you, please join too (see underneath this page to click to follow). 

Further I contacted my lawyer to get me released from the burden of regurarly torture the #law of last 20 years permissioned. I learned to deal with it, became resilient and developed a new focus in the diamond model to survive myself with QI in the middle. My first diamond model had technology management by an audit company in the middle and my last ‘how to govern globally by #law’ in the middle (after the development of this last model Altrecht injected me with new stuff to explore the agenda of the psychiatrist again??). I wanna work out all models in txt tiles on this website. Pff lots of operational work to share my knowledge with my visitors. 

My Daily routine is since years interfax day by interfax day. A geopolitical impression of the friction between east and west. Where I use my SoMe channels to join the knowledge of the group oriented east with the individual oriented west. Money in between ;-)) economics and technology, my cup of tea :-)) Thx #TUE #Fontys and #VU for letting me explore your environments to the max.

Altrecht I don’t thank. Cause their torture way of treatment has isolated me from my people, getting me adapt to more and more humble environments while growing rich by my payments for their torture (degradant physical Health, several times just escaped death) and stimulating their ow agenda with the result of isolation for me. Aggresive provoking chemicals they prescribed me for over 20 years. Not to mention my Peers dying around me, sometimes by suïcide to stop the torture. Or the fact that Altrecht couldnt handle my reaction on #leponex and stopped advising. My mum had to save my life with a #BHV educated personal contact. It took several weeks sweating in a bed, mum used her education she finished in 1951 to nurse me. Thx god She still had the energy due to my knowledge I educated her with. I stopped smoking to survive (started regurarly smoking in the clinic). No, Altrecht I don’t thank, especially the last two years my body grew old by their forced medication because of my ‘psychose’.

So far, my digitized psychose. Who’s talking now? About what? What kind of fantasies from my psychiatrist I have to accept next? I keep you updated. Thx for following me :-))


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