The restart of Antoniesworld

From september 2nd to 9th I visited Detmold area to meet with Martin Bernhardt, the programmer of Dynamic Applications. We met digitally more than a year ago when I saw his coding and had audit questions about it. We Skyped and he stimulated me to do a project myself, so I pondered on introducing Antoniesworld again after a break of more than 12 years. Martin helped me and here we are proud to introduce the working results of last week.

Most important I think was the definition of the contact page in relation to #gdpr. The central focus of my experience and what I can offer the world as an auditor to be certified again (after a break of more than 18 years next year). To certify I plan to join ISACA again.

In all of those years in Utrecht area I gained a lot of #health knowledge and of course I had as an auditor my detailed technical knowledge and experiences. I always kept busy, lots of reading. So the second most important result was the relation with LinkedIn after cooperating on my diamond model page. As a pity we can’t use Javascript so a lot of definition work (texting with pictures) needs to be done. Part of my productive time I used to plan till January.

Till January I wanna use my twitter archive also to attain my most important bits of knowledge I shared with the world last years. I will use a windows machine to connect to twitter later and keep on retweeting to gain visitors for my website. The Software, called Startup Informer, Martin has developed and I will be allowed to use also.

With Martin I had a productive week and good contact. We both love sharing our knowledge by technology. He his program, me my diamond model for helping humans gain more and more leadership skills. Martin guided me to a productive week with this start of my website as concrete result. He can guide me to focus perfectly, sometimes we disagree on the scope allowed by ethics but a programmer of course differs from an auditor.

How will this project evolve?? First I need to fill up my digital space in the world with more content on pages and a better integration of my content on different channels. Hours of productive work to be done by me, while as usual attending my health appointments as well.

Working on this new project in my life, I hope to become a mature auditor again.

Last but not least we are ending this week with the first filled page of this week, my explanation of the website audit page to Martin.


Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton

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