Swap (x,y) from global centralizing drought to local circular water

https://mobile.twitter.com/Antonie19031966/status/1069875685181849601 Technology is a never ending challenge for humankind. But effective instead of efficient technology needs governing. Governing to put limits on centralizing money, developing the migration to smart cities and reduce poverty while reviving rural agriculture as a business to take more care for than efficient robots replacing our muscles. What we need are … Continue reading Swap (x,y) from global centralizing drought to local circular water

Sugar babe

Since ancient times people transfer stories about survival. In rural areas there used to be a lot of local knowledge about healthy food to gain strength in case of sickness. Stories told from one generation upon another, sometimes documented to educate. Scattered over our global world, lots of ancient knowledge is available. Knowledge from times … Continue reading Sugar babe

All virtual lead to deaths

https://twitter.com/Antonie19031966/status/1042033374062362624 I remember my psychiatrist Monday stating that I didn't have any cisordinol 10 mg anymore. Her computer said so. But I know (forced) both the working and the disturbing of my cisordinol for over 20 years and I know better to handle this medication with regard to my environment than the psychiatrist thinks she … Continue reading All virtual lead to deaths