Beterstaat, de menselijke maat met regionaal respect voor tradities

Ik heb geen TV en heb dus het hele Amerikaanse verkiezingscircus in 2016 gemist. Het enige wat me opviel was dat mevrouw Clinton van de daken afschreeuwde dat de GIGeconomy eraan kwam. De hele wereld angst aan jagen dat de robots de menselijke waarden zouden overnemen door efficient collectieve interacties. De enige robots die ik … Continue reading Beterstaat, de menselijke maat met regionaal respect voor tradities

Small talk

These days peoples attention is not the way I think the human creature was designed for. When I travel, listen to what people talk about it is not about the beauty of life anymore. 80% of the young talk by using their #tech with each other (in the neighbourhood or at distance) about the logistics … Continue reading Small talk

Time machine

The most important thing I would love to teach the YOUNG is that there should be time to RELAX instead of an endless treadmill where you need to burn your #healthy muscles to survive. Relax, in a sane LOCAL COMMUNITY with respect to ANCIENT KNOWLEDGE that has formed this socioecosystem. If this community is abroad, … Continue reading Time machine


Every nation has income sources & ways to gather #tax income. Usually managed in one (#smart)City in a #sovereign #state. The #challenge is to #govern in an efficiĆ«nt & Reliable way to create viable LOCAL socioeconomic communities. Some states trust #digital sources to manage their #governing team. The question is in which way they have … Continue reading Reliable